“Top Ranked Physical Therapy Provider”(by the CNY Business Journal)
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Physical Therapy consists of highly specialized treatment techniques, therapeutic equipment, and “hands on” therapy to help people recover from a variety of physical impairments, chronic pain issues and numerous other physical ailments.  Our Therapists and staff are highly skilled health care professionals that will make every effort to correctly identify the source(s) of your problem and provide appropriate treatments to correct it.  Advantage Physical Therapy is not a “franchise” having multiple locations.  This allows us to have complete “direct oversight” to the quality of care administered, and thus improving our consistency of  successful treatment outcomes. There are no “conflict of interest” associated with our practice as you would find with “Physician owned PT Practices”.  We are not affiliated with nor do we have any “unproffesional relationships” with any institutions, physicians, health care providers, or facilities.  Advantage Physical Therapy is a privately owned practice placing the patient’s interest foremost, providing ethical unbiased professional rehabilitation treatments to the public.  As such, we are pleased to have been voted  “Top Ranked Physical Therapy Practice”  by the CNY Business Journal.  Our atmosphere is casual, the staff is motivating, and our Therapists are extraordinarily dedicated.  Strongly emphasizing ongoing continuing education of our Therapists, you will receive the most current evidence based treatments available in private treatment rooms.  Our mission is to connect with our patients’ needs and goals, provide them with our expertise to help them solve and eliminate their condition, while fostering a professional relaxed environment in the hopes of enjoying the rehabilitation experience.   So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead…take ADVANTAGE!

Happy Clients

  • I am writing to to thank you and your staff at Advantage Physical Therapy for all the help you gave me after I injured my knee in karate.  Thanks to you I got my best time ever for a 2 mile run after you worked on my knee.  Because of your help I also was able to test for my next belt level in Karate and pass!  As I continue to advance to my 3rd degree black belt I am reminded every day of your help and encouragement you gave me when I was injured.  Thanks for all your help !!!!!!

    Marissa Mayer

  • My name is Linda and I was a patient back in 2005 at Advantage Physical Therapy. I had a skiing accident that left my right knee completely torn, acl, mcl and meniscus.  I went thru seven months of rehab three times a week and now have complete recovery of my knee.  I am able to ski again, run, jump etc. The doctors told me that after  a year i would probably need surgery again to scrap away the arthritis that i would get. Shockingly it has now been nine years later and have no problems with my knee or arthritis. I have to commend Dr. Abbey for this recovery due to his knowledge as a Physical Therapist and dedication to his patients. I would recommend any of my friends to go to Dr. Abbey if they ever needed Physical Therapy.

  • Thank you for doing an outstanding job of proving physical therapy for me this summer. Every experience that I had with you and your staff was professional, positive and effective. From your initial evaluation, diagnosis, to my final treatment, I have enjoyed my time with you. I cannot say enough about how the therapy has improved my back pain. I am able to live without the pain that has plagued me for years. Very few businesses have impressed me enough to write a letter. Yours is one of the finest I have worked with. Sincerely D. Lynch

  • I tore my ACL, cartilage and other structures of my knee causing me to have extensive surgery to repair them. I literally felt I would never be able to walk normally again.  Advantage Physical Therapy was so awesome in not only regaining  my full strength and motion back to where it was before the injury, but I can run and play sports without even thinking that I even had knee surgery.  They are hands down the best!

    Linda Fleming

  • My experience at Advantage Physical Therapy has been wonderful. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who requires these services. Give it a try!

    Abigail Weston
  • I had a total left hip replacement on September 9, 2013 which left me with femoral nerve palsy. I could not move my left leg at all!  The day following the surgery I was fitted for an Immobilizer at the hospital and it was explained to me that the damage to the femoral nerve which left my leg paralyized, might come back or it might not.   I went from the walker to a cane and am now walking without the cane most of the time. I have regained at least 80% of the use of my leg and I credit Dr. Evan Abbey and his wonderful staff for helping me to be able to walk again. I have seen the positive results they have achieved with other patients also and strongly recommend Evan Abbey to any one that needs physical therapy. Thanks!  MaryAnn S.

  • I would like to thank you for your services. As you know, I was visiting other therapists for my low back pain over the years and experiencing only minimal improvement in my condition.  It did not feel like I was receiving much therapy at all. Advantage is quite the antithesis as they performed a detailed extensive examination and set up a program tailored to my individual condition, I am so impressed with personnel attention, exercise equipment and professional staff at Advantage Therapy that for first time in years I am beginning to finally get relief and have been able to go several days without my usual back pain. Again thank you!  Sincerely J. Mable