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Listed below are some basic categories of the numerous services and treatments that we provide.  Advantage Physical Therapy does not subscribe to the “No pain no gain” philosophy.  Treatments need not be painful to be effective.  Pain is usually a red flag that something is wrong, and we don’t ignore red flags.  Though it is true that some treatments can produce some discomfort, we search for treatments that are the most effective while providing the least amount of discomfort to our patients.  Most of our treatments aim to provide relief of symptoms, which is one our primary goals.

  • Spinal Care - starting at the base of the neck and ending at the bottom of the low back, the spine is susceptible to a wide array of injuries.  From bulging disc, bone spurs, sciatica, scoliosis and arthritis, we provide the necessary treatments to improve spinal flexibility, eliminate spinal and nerve related pain, and improve alignment/postural faults.  Using traction, gentle decompression, massage therapy, stretching, heat therapy, postural exercises and other treatment protocols, we are successful in rehabilitating and returning patients to their daily lives without limitations. If you are coming to us after spinal surgery, special care will be taken to ensure that we provide the most appropriate treatments, at the appropriate phases of healing, to help you achieve your fullest rehabilitation potential.

  • Joint Replacement - as we continue to live longer, sometimes our joints do not keep up with us and need to be replaced.  Knee, Hip and Shoulder joint replacements, amongst others, are becoming ever more popular as the baby boom generation continues to age.  Advantage Physical Therapy is well prepared for this trend.  We are current on the newest surgical techniques, advancements in the prosthesis’s used and the appropriate rehabilitation protocol for each condition. One, of several, major goals when having a joint replacement is to maximize to force absorbing ability of the surrounding joints muscles which in turn allows less force to be placed onto the new prosthesis.  This helps to maintain the longevity of the prosthesis for many years to come.  We will keep in contact with your Physician to ensure any changes or special circumstances pertinent to your particular surgery are correctly addressed.  Learning how to use your new prosthesis in your daily life routines is another important aspect of your rehabilitation and will be addressed accordingly.  Restoring normal Joint and Muscle range of motion are other important areas which will be considered as well as alleviating any post- surgical pain you may have.

  • Post-Surgery - from the Shoulder, Spine, Knee, Hip, Hand, Ankle, Elbow and more, there are numerous surgical procedures patients may need to undergo to correct and address a problem. Our Physiotherapists are well prepared to offer you the appropriate treatments and rehabilitation expertise specific to your condition to help you recover from your particular surgery and returning  you to your normal life.  It is not uncommon for our Therapists to perform continuous review of the most recent literature to ensure that we stay current with the most evidence based treatments available to our patients.  Call us if you have any questions about the rehabilitation process as it pertains to your particular surgery.

  • Sports Related Injuries - Advantage Physical Therapy has the equipment and athletic expertise to get you “back in the game” and playing at a ” high level” of competitive sports.   We have an Exercise Physiologist on staff who will work with your Physiotherapist to help maximize your full rehabilitation potential following any sports related injury.  Our primary focus is to rehabilitate you to your maximum potential without the need for surgical intervention.  If surgery is the only option to address your particular injury, strict adherence to your rehabilitation protocol will ensure your safe recovery after surgery as your physical therapy treatments progress and advance allowing you to return to sports as soon as possible without limitations.

  • Neurological Injuries Strokes, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Nerve Damage, Balance Issues, Difficulty Walking, are just some examples of injuries that fall under this category and that may need intervention. Rehabilitation treatments aim to safely return you to your normal “Activities of Daily Living’’, without undue safety issues, and with a high level of independence.  Self-Autonomy is important to patients affected with any of these related conditions and restoring your functional independence is a high priority.  Addressing such issues as muscle spasticity, self- care, muscle weakness, fall risks, using adaptive equipment, relearning to use stairs, in/out of the car, bathing, cooking etc., are a few of many important goals to discuss with our therapist when designing a treatment plan concerning these types of conditions. Knowing what you want to accomplish with your Physical Therapy and laying out your specific goals, is the first step in this process. We are here to help guide you through this process and offer our professional assistance in setting and fulfilling these goals. Physical therapy for this category focuses on: Gait analysis and training/ device training, Balance training, Joint range of motion, strengthening and endurance, Functional transfer training, Patient and family education All patients are evaluated by a licensed Therapist during their initial visit, at which time a plan of care is developed based on each person’s individual symptoms and needs.